Union Township Trustee

Tim Dunham, Union Township Trustee

Contact Info:
808 Hampton Lane
Chesterfield, IN 46017
(765) 387-0793

The Union Township Trustee duties include:

  • Managing all township property interests
  • Keeping township records open for public inspection
  • Receiving and paying out township funds
  • Administering township assistance to those in need
  • Performing the duties of fence viewer
  • Acting as township assessor
  • Providing and maintaining cemeteries
  • Providing fire protection
  • Providing and maintaining township parks and community
  • Destroying detrimental plants, noxious weeds, and rank vegetation
  • Administering oaths when necessary in the discharge of official duties
  • Appointing an attorney to represent the township in any proceeding in which the township is interested

Learn more about townships and  township trustee position as outlined in the Indiana Code.